Why The TTP?

Why the TTP?

Problems with Current Emergency Transfer Devices

Uncomfortable & Risk of Further Injury

Patients are manually handled many times
Risk of further injury
Discomfort as a result of:
Reduced body temperature
Increased risk of pressure sores

Infection Risk

Re-use of emergency transfer devices
Cross infection risk from ineffective cleaning

Inefficient for Medics

Several patient transfers – stretchers, trolleys, imaging surfaces and beds
Staff downtime whilst device is decontaminated
Multiple devices requiring space and storage

The TTP Solution

Safety, Comfort and Reduced Risk of Injury

Patient can remain on the TTP for several hours
From accident site to A&E through to imaging/treatment
Minimised need for manual handling

Battery-powered active warming
Keeps patient comfortable

Straps and rods
For patient safety

Reduced Infection Risk

Single-use cover
Reduces cross-infection risk

Convenience & Ease for Medics

Single device – saves time and reduces risk to medics
No need for decontamination - cover disposed after each patient use
Foldable for transport and storage
Easily and quickly deployed