End-user Impact


Rigorous research on the values of healthcare specialists involved in transporting patients by air and/or road identified the following problems solved by the TTP:

Problems with
Current Devices

How ThermoTraumaPort (TTP) Solves the Problems

User Instructions

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Clinicians Speak

Main comments from user studies:

Air ambulance clinicians demonstrated high enthusiasm for the device, in particular the heating and patient comfort features

They said: “the device is attractively simple and has the potential to represent a major improvement in emergency patient care.”

Paramedic users thought that

“the TTP is a simple device, easy to use and straightforward with clear instructions…it would probably become easier to use with practice.”

In-hospital participants in the summative user study found that

“the TTP was easy to slide between trolleys and beds even with the heavier mannequin. The TTP was felt to be a better option than having to roll a patient using a Pat-Slide.”